Blue Box Partners

The pan-European alliance is growing and evolving constantly

Blue Box Partnership corporate image

Many European companies are looking for a partner who supplies them all over Europe and who consistently offers them a well-coordinated service. In this regard, these companies place great value on a local representative who supports them at a European level in their own language and guarantees consistent quality and service. 

Since 2006 the answer to this challenge has been Blue Box Partners – a pan-European alliance with a clear objective: the optimum provision of their customers with corrugated cardboard packaging. All over Europe. One-stop shop. In any quantity. In all qualities. At any time. 

The four partners of the European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) all follow the same philosophy and strategy. They are family businesses with tradition, established and successful in their home markets: Cart-One S.R.L. (Italy), Hinojosa Packaging Solutions (Spain), Klingele Papierwerke GmbH & Co.KG (Germany) and VPK Packaging Group (Belgium). They are well established, independently owned businesses with highly successful track records in their home markets:

Klingele Papierwerke: 
Founded 1920, 1,330 employees based in Germany.

VPK Packaging Group N.V.: 
Founded 1935, 4,856 employees based in Belgium.

Hinojosa Packaging Solutions.: 
Founded 1947, 1,274 employees based in Spain.

Founded 1960, 545 employees based in Italy.


The knowledge, ability, and experience of four companies together in one box. 

Blue Box Partners trusts in joint success through innovation, reliability and cooperation based on partnership. Thanks to well-hierarchized organisational, working and communication structures, Blue Box Partners has developed into a powerful strategic marketing alliance in Europe, which is growing constantly and has since become of considerable size. 

The alliance now plays an important role in the European packaging market and is one of the top 5 in Europe: 

68 production facilities, 5 paper mills, a production capacity of 4.000 billion sqm, corrugated board production of 3.488 billion sqm, paper production of 1.197 million tons and a turnover of €2.090 billion.

Here is a map of the Blue Box Partners' locations across Europe. Click the map below to enlarge.

 Locations of BBP member plants