Shift record achieved at Wellington

Shift record achieved at Wellington

Rigid Containers’ Wellington site in Somerset recently set a production record on its flagship BP Agnati corrugator. The ‘A Shift’ at the plant produced 131,990 linear metres in an eight hour shift – the highest amount that has been produced on the state-of-the-art machine.

The BP Agnati Quantum line has a maximum speed of 310m per min and the machine ran at an average speed for the whole shift of 275m per min. The crew consisted of four operators and a clamp truck driver – working together to produce 35 customer orders. In total there were 26 dry-end changes and 16 wet-end changes and 72 splices were carried out including one flute change. Total downtime for the shift was just 10 minutes – five minutes for a paper break and five minutes for the flute change.

Site Director Paul Barber commented: “This is a great achievement for the machine and the crew as some of the members have only been working on the machine for six months. We are very pleased with the corrugator and the working partnership we have created to enable us to achieve such a high production record.”

Rigid’s Wellington site was opened in 2013, firstly as a distribution hub for the South-West market  and after a period of significant investment a full range of converting equipment including the BP Agnati corrugator was installed.