Recent Investments

Meeting Industry Dynamics

Continuous investment in the most modern and advanced board-making technology allows Rigid to provide the service that customers demand – high speed, consistently outstanding quality and cost-effective corrugated solutions. Our new site in Wellington (with new BP Agnati corrugator, pictured below) is a fully operational board plant, allowing us to service customers in the South West of England with ease. A diverse range of converting equipment is now in and running, meaning production of printed die-cut and glued cases further increases our offerings to customers in the region. Following the acquisition of ICS Europaks in Ireland, we have for the first time increased our manufacturing footprint outside of the UK. New equipment is being specified for this site in Limerick and will be installed later in 2015.

The new 1.8m corrugated at Wellington

In terms of high quality printing, Rigid is well placed as a leading provider of quality printed packaging, thanks to two Göpfert high quality flexo rotary die-cutters at Selby. These machines allow for the production of high quality printed corrugated cases. The state of the art machines, with in-line gloss unit facilities, allows you to get knock-out print definition on your corrugated boxes. They are equipped with the latest in print to die-cut registration systems, hot air dryers and complete pre-feed and out-feed systems. Add to this high quality printing machinery at Selby, we have also installed a Latitude four colour flexo folder gluer at Selby, a Latitude flexo folder gluer and a Bobst Quatro 618 flexo folder gluer at Desborough and a Bobst Quatro 618 flexo folder gluer at Wellington.

To ensure that we have true 'mirror' capabilities at Desborough and Selby sites, we have installed a complete new dry-end on the BHS corrugator at Desborough. We also installed a new cassette style single facer on the 2.5m corrugator at Desborough. On the corrugator side of our business, we have recently taken delivery of a new type of corrugating rolls, which allows us to make an interesting fluted board that offers the strength of B flute board, yet the printability of E flute.

With a 40% increase in output at the Selby plant over the last 24 months, investments have been made in both the production and storage facilities to meet the continually high demand for corrugated fibreboard packaging. Recent installations of equipment include a new Vega Multi Point Gluer to further enhance Rigid's already market-leading innovations in Retail Ready Packaging, while expansion of the reel store and finished goods areas has seen an increased storage capacity, from 6,000 to 14,000 pallets.

Investments in new corrugator and casemaker

We continually strive to enhance our production processes by improving our own manufacturing and supply chain efficiencies and investing in modern state-of-the-art machinery and technology – all culminating in more cost-effective packaging solutions and shorter lead times for our customers.